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Sometimes you just need a quick, killer cut.

You know your routine. You’re not looking for a fuss. You just want someone who knows curls to respect your length, dust it off, shape it up, and get you back to your day.

Stylist Dusty Schlabach fully gets that. That’s why he opened Curly Hair Salon.

Only curls, only cuts. Our obsession is overdelivering in under an hour for under $100.

Who’s in charge here?

Dusty Schlabach has been all in on curls for more than fifteen years. As a stylist, he’s helped countless Thairapy clients unlock the natural glory of their hair. Now, as Curly Hair Salon’s owner and cofounder, he oversees our ace team, helping ensure every cut is killer.

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Meet our Creative Director

Audie Marie is an expert cutting specialist and instructor. For over 10 years, she’s trained many of the talented stylists at Thairapy. As Curly Salon’s creative director, she’s zeroed in on keeping the quality of our cuts and service absolutely controlled.

Okay but how the *&$!
are the prices so good?

Because we run lean. No rinsing, no detangling, no shampooing or conditioning. Our focus keeps us efficient, and that lets us keep prices crazy low—and the quality of our cuts crazy high.

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