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Just a Trim

Where less is more and we respect your length. This service is for those looking for a tidy all-over dusting. Perfect when you’re happy with the current shape and length of your curls, and you just want to keep it healthy, bouncy, and split-end free.

Services Just A Trim
Services Shape Up

Shape Up

Feeling flat? Looking a little triangular? This service is for you. We’ll add some top layers/curls that cascade and connect into the rest of your hair. We can do this in any and all areas where you need that pop back. Face framing? Bangs? Yes and yes. Then, if you like, we’ll dust the rest of your ends to keep you fresh all over.

Bang Trim / Face Framing

We all love power walking with a curly bang, but you also need to see where you’re going! Select this service if you’re just looking to bump up that fringe. We’ll also do any connective work into your face framing that might need a lift too. If you’d like, we can also snip up any stray ends anywhere else.

Services Bang Trim Face Framing
Services Change It Up

Change It Up

Book this service if you‘re bored and want to leave the salon feeling different! If you can bring some inspiration pictures, that always helps. But if you’re not sure what you want yet, our stylists can help you figure it out. 
Keep in mind a big change usually involves a noticeable difference in length and shape, which can definitely amplify your natural spring factor. So, if you’re ready 
to let go of the old and get on with the new…let’s 
change it up.

The Big Chop

There are some very good reasons to let go of all that length, and we are here for all of them. Whatever your reasons, know that the feelings around taking this step are not lost on our stylists. It’s a very big deal, and we get that. As this will most likely be our first time with you, please remember that we cannot be exactly sure of how your unique curl pattern will react. It might totally spring up, it might not react at all. Either way, our stylists will help you choose how much length you want to keep and take it from there. Once the agreed upon length is cut, we’ll see how it reacts, and shape it up from there. We’ll be with you every snip of the way!

Services Big Chop